New Website & Online Ordering

We have recently rebuilt our website using new technology to better serve our needs and those of our Customers

In the recent rebuild, we have refreshed the look-and-feel a little to better accomodate users using mobile technology. In addition the new technology underlying this rebuild provides us with a platform to roll out new services to our customers.

As part of this recent re-development we are introducing the first stage of "Online Ordering" for our customers with the introduction of a new dymanic order form which is connected to a database of all our products. 

Customers using this new online form to place orders have simply to type in a keyword into a PRODUCT DESCRIPTION field and the system will show any available products with that word in it.  Simply click on your product choice in the drop down list to auto fill the remaining fields. 

Remember to adjust your order quantity before moving on to select another product.

This form accomodates a variable list of items, so that longer length orders can be placed as a single request.

online order form

We will be working on enhancing online services over the next few months to provide even more useful features to our customers, single-click repeat ordering, access to online order history, order status and more with our web design & development partner WDI (Web Design Ireland)

Mission Statement

"We strive to deliver quality products, customer satisfaction and efficient delivery service. With our dedicated team we regard these qualities as being essential in the Foodservice sector. Service is the key and we emphasize excellence in every aspect of our relationship with our customers. We Continue to work hard to provide our customers with the best competitive priced quality products. Your Business is our Business."